Threats to the ground You disagree Messina Denaro-Riina


It’s one of the behind the scenes of today’s mobile squad blitz.

An intimidating letter written by Matteo Messina Denaro in 2013 to settle, in its own way, the question of the use of land.
Land that in the past had also been in the availability of Totò Riina, and that had passed to the boss of Campobello di Mazara, Alfonso Passanante.
There is also this background to the investigation that led to the arrest of two people this morning. One of which, Giuseppe Calcagno, considered one of the pistons of the fugitive of Castelvetrano.

The intervention was also essential to resolve disagreements for the use of some agricultural funds and for grazing in the countryside of Castelvetrano.
Through the interception technical activities, the district anti-mafia directorate of Palermo and the mobile team of Trapani have revealed the attempt to extortion the heirs of the late Passanante so that they would transfer ownership of a vast plot of land in the Zangara district. The threats from the mafia gang of Campobello, represented by the boss Vincenzo La Cascia, were also endorsed by an intimidating letter attributed to Messina Denaro.
The background reveals the disagreements that then marked the relationship between the boss of Castelvetrano and Totò Riina.

That land would have belonged to the chief of the chiefs and Messina Denaro would have been very upset the fact that he had taken it without saying anything to him.
Perhaps this is also why Messina Denaro in one of the pizzini in which Alessio signed himself, found in Bernardo Provenzano’s hideout in Montagna dei cavalli, said he recognized himself more in the work of the latter than in Riina.



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