those meetings with the boss of Sciacca


“With reference to the relationship with the American Cosa Nostra Domingo met, also in the summer of 2018, also the boss of Sciacca, Accursio Dimino, then arrested in November last year, and subsequently his emissaries “. This also emerges from the investigation by the DDA which, this morning, at dawn, in Trapani, allowed the carabinieri to arrest 13 people. Francesco Domingo, who was considered by the investigators as the boss of Castellammare del Golfo and according to the magistrates “close to Messina Denaro”, finished. Domingo has already undergone several convictions, also for the Mafia association. to lead the mafia mandate of Castellammare del Golfo.

A new mafia pact between the bosses of the fugitive of the fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro and the affiliates residing in the United States would have been signed – always emerges from the investigation of the DDA. Francesco Domingo, called ‘Tempesta’, considered by investigators “as top authority among the Trapani mafia joints”, and “recognized also in the United States of America where, as is known, ‘cells’ of Cosa Nostra have long been installed and developed” .

“There have been numerous visits, intercepted by the bugs and cameras of the carabinieri, by Mafia exponents of the Italian-American Bonanno family from New York who updated the chief of the Castellammare mafia of the dynamics and balance of the Cosa Nostra overseas,” say the investigators. But the American mafiosi “also asked Domingo for authorization to speak with other members of Alcamo’s mandate, pleaded the causes of acquaintances at home, as well as conveyed messages between Domingo and the associates in America”. “Just with reference to the relationship with the American Cosa Nostra Domingo met, also in the summer of 2018, also the boss of Sciacca Accursio Dimino and later his emissaries”, explain the carabinieri of the
investigative team led by Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Merola.

The names of the 13 arrested

The 13 arrested in the “Cutrara” anti-mafia operation against the gang of Castellammare del Golfo are: the boss Francesco Domingo, called ‘Tempesta’, 64; Diego Angileri, 83 years old; (domiciliary), Felice Buccellato, 79 years old, (domiciliary); Rosario Antonino Di Stefano, 51 years old; Camillo Domingo, 63 years old; Daniele La Sala, 40 years old; Salvatore Mercadante, 35 years old; Maurizio Gaspare Mule ‘, 54 years old; Antonino Sabella, 63 years old; Sebastiano Stabile, 73 years old (under house arrest); Francesco Sabile, 61 years old; Carlo Valenti, 42 years old; Francesco Virga, 50 years old. The measure was also directed against 72 year-old Benedetto Sottile, but died in 2018.

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