“This thing gets me on my knees.” Diaco reacts like this


Up Leggo.it the latest news. Katia Ricciarelli bursts into tears live a Me and you: This thing brings me to my knees …». Today, the Venetian artist was moved to tears during her column dedicated to the mail of the heart.Read also> Claudio Lippi shocks to you and me: «The doctor said to me ‘You are dying’ …». Pierluigi Diaco reacts like this

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To make Katia Ricciarelli move the letter from a viewer asking her for advice on her relationship with her husband. “My husband – writes the lady – he doesn’t love me anymore. I am normal in front of children and relatives, but when I am alone I have a heart under my soles. I know there is no advice, but I wanted to tell you my story».

Katia Ricciarelli in tears replies: «This thing gets me on my knees. If you wish, the editorial staff can give you my number and we can talk to you. Let’s go back to laughing together». Diaco congratulates for the sensitivity of the Venetian artist: «Glad to have you here with me».

Last updated: Friday 12 June 2020, 20:46


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