this is how the technology of the vehicles of the future works


Electric cars: this is how the technology of the vehicles of the future works

The whole world is fascinated especially in recent years by electric cars, which are assumed to take the stage in the future. However, many have not yet understood how they work.

The electric car is powered by an obviously electric motor that it uses power accumulated by lithium ion batteries present inside. All stored energy will be transformed into mechanical energywhich will consequently cause the car to move. But how does energy from the batteries get to the engine? Thanks to’inverter, device that transforms the direct current present in the accumulator into alternating current to be sent to the motor. During the release of the accelerator, the engine generates charging for the battery and the same happens when braking.

Electric cars will dominate: rapid refueling, economy and above all technology

The continuous installation of charging points inside and outside the cities, above all of the Fast type, which allow to fill up in about thirty minutes helps to encourage the choice of Italians to purchase an electric car. These vehicles, having a much better structural life than traditional cars, also opens up the second-hand market. Buying a used electric car with costs from 6 to 10,000 euros can make those who do not have a high budget decide “ refers Salvatore Perna of Electric Mobility Rome at Newsauto.

Technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, this, reported to electric cars, allows us to offer models that now have more than enough autonomy for the use of 90% of Italians. Today’s electric cars are offered with autonomies from 300 to 500 km at increasingly interesting prices, especially thanks to the € 6,000 eco-bonus and the discounts offered by dealerships“.

In short, the future seems to be already at hand, we just have to understand how to exploit it properly.

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