this is how much the virologist was paid for the anti-Covid indications – Libero Quotidiano


The virologist Roberto Burioni paid for by weight of gold. To sift through his paid consultations was L’Espresso who discovered payments of up to 200 thousand euros for his anti-coronavirus indications to companies such as Gucci, Marella, Tim and Snam. All – he specifies – without breaking the law. Burioni has in fact granted consultancy together with Lifenet Healthcare, the srl “focused on outpatient and hospital activities”, to Tim for 200 thousand euros and to Snam for 150 thousand euros. But these were not the only two companies involved: Aci Sport, Philip Morris and Tecnogym, Pellegrini, Imab Group and the Sapio Group also joined them. In short, Burioni has done nothing but do his job even if at L’Espresso this does not seem to go down. Not to mention the fact that Burioni himself was among the first to raise the alarm about the pandemic that was taking hold. Result? This too was not going well and so the expert preferred to step aside and detoxify for a while on TV.

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