This fake Time | cover turns a lot on social media Flashes


A fake magazine cover is circulating a lot on social networks Time which represents Hitler’s stylized face and the profile of American President Donald Trump instead of a mustache. The cover is a commentary on racism still widespread in the United States and in particular in the American right, but it is a fake.

The drawing was done by the illustrator Belgian Luc Descheemaeker in 2016, when Trump was not yet President of the United States; on May 17th he shared it on Twitter as a fake cover of Time. At the time, it was a response to the large number of black people killed in the United States by the coronavirus: many of them cannot work from home, have no health insurance, have previous health problems and are discriminated against in the hospital.

The cover was shared especially since Friday after the violent death of an African American, George Floyd, due to the excessive violence of a white policeman in Minneapolis, and to the severe clashes between demonstrators and the police who followed. Descheemaeker commented to the French newspaper Le Parisien that “I made an image, an image that resembles the front page of a newspaper. […] I don’t pretend it ends up on the front page. I only suggested the idea: “What if this image is true?” ”

The illustration also recalls the cover of He’s back, Timur Vermos’ book that tells of Hitler’s imaginary return to Germany 66 years after his defeat.

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