“They wanted Bielsa. Presumption in Milan”


Gian Piero Gasperini, interviewed by Paolo Condò for Sky Sport, returned for the umpteenth time over his period at Inter. A short and stingy period of satisfaction.

Before me Bielsa was sought, the farewell of Leonardo he had displaced them. I have also been well received by the people. I clearly have my characteristics, Inter was a great occasion. I don’t know what they expected of me, I didn’t want to distort myself. They wanted to keep their habits, even property.

They had taken me a bit like a moment of transition, perhaps to manage the season. I wanted to put a new battery on the players, but they felt too satisfied. Training and playing in a different way was not accepted.

The fact that Inter played 3 was not accepted: there is a bit of presumption in Milan at city level. I often hear that in Europe you can’t not play 4, it’s not like that. In retrospect, I would enter stronger and more credibly into that reality, conquering certain contexts with time and with play is impossible. I don’t believe in managed football, but in trained football. “


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