They pretend to be civic assistants, denounced youtubers of The Show


They pretend to be civic assistants, denounced youtubers of The Show

From The Show twitter profile

They pretended to be civic assistants, complete with yellow bib and identification badges. Two 29-year-old Italian youtubers were reported on the loose last Monday by the state police in Milan for title usurpation. The agents of the Monforte / Vittoria Commissariat intervened after the owner of a food shop in Corso Lodi, on 29 May last, while conversing with a customer, had been approached by a boy with a yellow bib and with the badge with photograph and emblem of the Municipality of Milan.

The young man had qualified as a public official, urging the two to leave because, according to him, they were too close. At the shopkeeper’s request for explanations, the alleged civic assistant repeated to them that the two were not at a safe distance as required by the anti-Covid measures19 and, after having extracted a firecracker from the pouch, he placed it on the table in the room. The operator, fearing for his and others’ safety, then grabbed the artifice by throwing it away.

The boy reiterated the gesture by lighting a second firecracker that the man grabbed, simultaneously facing the unknown taking it by the collar of his shirt and moving it vigorously away a few meters before returning to the restaurant. The young man followed the shopkeeper and, after extracting a block, told him that he would proceed to record the violation and raise the related fine.

The man realized, at that point, that it was not a block for reports but for receipts, realizing that it was therefore not a public official. The young man, after telling him that it was a joke, was recognized by an employee of the restaurant as one of the two youtubers of the channel called ‘The Show’ followed by thousands of followers and, with his friend who was nearby, he moved away, losing track.

The owner of the business sent an e-mail pec to the Commissariat Monforte / Vittoria reporting the episode and the policemen came to him on Monday morning for clarification on the incident: in that situation, the two young men were spotted in Piazza Medaglie d ‘Gold because recognized by the operator while passing on foot. The agents thus stopped the two young men. One of them wore the bib, in order to create confusion among passersby in relation to his alleged ‘qualification’.

The police then confiscated the bib with the inscription ‘Municipality of Milan – Civic Assistant’ to both and the two plastic cards with their photograph and the logo of the Municipality of Milan. Immediately afterwards, the two 29-year-olds were accompanied to the offices in via Poma where the police, after placing the material in seizure, referred them to the judicial authority in a state of freedom for usurpation of titles.

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