they have been delivering them to their home for 9 years without ever ordering them. I am desperate


There are many types of harassment, but the one he claims to have been a victim of for nine years now is the Belgian 65-year-old Jean Van Landeghem it’s really unusual. As reported by Het Laatste Nieuws, the man who lives in Turnhout, near Antwerp, from 9 years you see delivering pizzas and other takeaway food to your home without having ever ordered it or without having ever pressed the enter button on an App to order it.

At first the 65-year-old had thought of a mistake, but then, seeing that the orders did not stop and that the pizzas were delivered to him daily, he realized that something was wrong. L’“nightmare” for Van Landeghem it ended in January last year, when 10 riders arrived on the same day, one of them with well 14 pizzas:”I can not sleep. I start to tremble every time I hear a scooter on the street“He told the local newspaper. For the record, the pizzas were also delivered to him at the weekend and at any time, even at two in the morning. Van Landeghem has always refused orders, but the situation has become frustrating for both him and the restaurants.

Moreover, as reported by Het Laatste Nieuws himself, a friend of his, who lives about twenty kilometers away, in Herenthout, has lived a similar situation for the same period of time. The incidents have been reported to the police who, along with the two victims, believe that the perpetrator must be someone who both know. Van Landeghem says it “will not be his best day” when he eventually finds the culprit. But for now, it remains a mystery.

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