They escaped from prison and stole cars – Last Hour


(ANSA) – FOGGIA, JUN 27 – On charges of having stolen with
violence to some motorists their cars during
mass evasion on 9 March from Foggia prison, 15
detainees have been reached in these hours by a measure
precaution in prison carried out by carabinieri and police on
provision of the Foggia judiciary. That morning, in
full coronavirus emergency, during protests that erupted in
penitentiary, 72 prisoners escaped, some of whom robbed
cars to motorists in transit and used them for the
escape. Almost all the fugitives in the days following the escape
were brought to justice: some were formed, others,
instead, they were captured by the police force. Currently between
the 72 inmates are missing only Cristoforo Aghilar, 37,
who last October killed the ex-girlfriend’s mom ad
Orta Nova, in the Foggia area. (ANSA).


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