They break the lion’s paws for photos with tourists. The dramatic story of Simba, the puppy who also moved Putin


They had found him like this, half frozen and with his hind legs broken, while licking his wounds tied to an abandoned barn in the Russian region of Dagestan. The dramatic story of Simba, the lion cub had started when, only a few weeks old, it had been snatched from the mother by someone who had seen in that tender lion, the possibility of making money. So, in a few days, the business represented by that lost puppy offered by an unscrupulous photographer to tourists for photos would start. And then, while the photos were no longer counted, even time inexorably passed and that puppy growing up, had begun to become more enterprising. So much so that now, be able to take a picture with Simba, who was running away from all sides, it had become a problem. A solution had to be found. And the solution for that man was to break his hind legs so as to limit his movement.

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Here, finally no more blurred photos. The fact that the lion had started to feel really bad was subsequently resolved with that strange abandon that is still being investigated by the investigators. Yes, because, after the discovery, operated by a specialized team that had discovered a series of tortures carried out against the poor lion, the veterinarian, Karen Dallakyan, author of the images we publish and who had commented: «the lion suffered an ocean of pain because of man », the case of the lion Simba was reported on the table of the leader of the Kremlin Putin who immediately promised close investigations against the torturer. In the meantime, Simba has been operated on and, with difficulty, tries his first steps with the help of the doctors who support him by the legs. It is still early for a complete recovery but the doctors are optimistic. His cloak begins to be thick and eats. In short, he is returning to being a lion.


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