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No case of contagion from Covid 19 in relation to the celebrations of the victorious final of the Italian Cup on the evening of June 17 against Juventus. After two weeks, no positive cases were identified by the tens of thousands of swabs carried out by the ASL on the epidemiological risk targets. The civil protection daily bulletin refers only to the forty virus positive identified in the outbreak discovered in Mondragone. After having tamed and turned off that too, and having returned to zero cases for two days, Campania recorded only one new positive yesterday, also this afferent to the Mondragone district, the only one identified outside the enclosure of the red zone.

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Yet a fairly long time has passed since June 17 for the incubation of the virus: if there had been some infection it would have come out. Instead, none of the fans who celebrated that evening showed signs or symptoms of infection. None of the hugs, the dances and the songs that until late at night have seen thousands of Neapolitans protagonists, seems to have caused new cases of Sars Cov 2. The Neapolitans can say they have emerged unscathed from that sentinel event despite the fall of every measure preventive and every precaution, both in terms of distance, and as regards the use of gels and masks. “Sign – say the experts infectious disease and epidemiologist consultants of the regional civil protection control room – that Coronavirus today in Campania circulates very little, and even the few dozen asymptomatic positives, and that probably functioning as a reserve and reservoir of Covid, have a viral load so low that there are no significant outbreaks. One more reason to be optimistic but also not to give up and keep the guard high in the awareness that this is the result of the containment and prevention carried out for months.

“It would be a mistake to trigger the” free all “right now – he warns Alessandro Perrella, Cardarelli’s infectious disease specialist and member of the Regional Crisis Unit on Covid-19 – if the Neapolitans were able to celebrate without damage, if tourists can come to spend their holidays in Campania without risk, if work and production activities are returning to normal , we owe it to the long lockdown period that forced the virus to change its infectious profile. If we continue to take precautions, without renouncing social, public and working life, then we can also face the autumnal junction with greater peace of mind. In autumn, colder and humid climatic conditions, the consequent stress on our respiratory tract, the co-presence of other seasonal diseases, in particular the influence with its confounding and depressing effect on the immune system, could play in Covid’s favor “.

Meanwhile, the lanes continue to empty at Cotugno. Currently only 3 positive patients are hospitalized. «We have instead recorded, especially in the last few days, many cases that come as suspects – warns the manager Murizio di Mauro – people who spontaneously arrive in the emergency room with non-specific symptoms, or because they are found positive for antibodies after serological tests carried out in private centers or even by transfer from other structures. Well these too, subjected to careful clinical investigations and tests on the swab have so far been all negative. In the next few days, before discharging them, we will repeat the examination for a definitive archiving of these cases “. Moreover, it has been several days since the revives of Campania have been empty and for 13 days there have been no new deaths. “Indeed – Di Mauro concludes – clinicians say that the new buffer positives have a very low viral load unlike what happened in March and April”. A figure that draws in Naples a scenario quite similar to that observed in the North by Alberto Zangrillo, director of intensive care at San Raffaele in Milan. © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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