“There is more than football”


The Belgian midfielder lost his granddaughter to cancer

“Every day I keep thinking,” Radja, do what she wanted me to do “. Nainggolan she lost her mother and granddaughter to cancer. His wife Claudia is fighting a tumor. HLN reconstructs with him the most painful stages of his life, starting right from the disappearance of his mother (Lizy Bogaerts). “Having to lose the most precious thing in your life is difficult”. The date of his mother’s death, 18 October 2010, was tattooed on the lower back. When they diagnosed her with cancer in the hospital, she was terminal and gave her three months to live. “This can’t be true.” Everything has collapsed. The mother asked him to take care of the family. “I don’t want to disappoint you”, Nainggolan said some time ago. “The worst part is that he never saw me play football with the Belgian national team. She would have been very proud of me. And then he didn’t meet my two daughters. I often tell Aysha about my mother. I want you to know who he was and what he represented to me. He was only fifty-five: so young. Anyway, c’est la vie, right? It’s something you just have to deal with. “




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