there is a secret message hidden in the limited edition Xbox One X –


L’Xbox One X in special themed edition Cyberpunk 2077 has already arrived to some user who made the purchase, probably also taking advantage of the excellent launch price seen in recent days, and someone has noticed the presence of a secret message special inside.

As reported by the user Eversmans037 on Reddit, the message is located on the back of the console and is visible only with one ultraviolet light. In one corner, the words “Uniform, Victor, Mike, Echo” are visible to the naked eye, which are the words used in the NATO alphabet to distinguish the individual initials, which make up the message “UVME”, or read me with ultraviolet .

Using this type of light, another larger message appears, written on the whole console. This however has nothing to do with a potential ARG, being instead a much simpler and more positive message: it is simply a matter of thanks to users.

CD Projekt RED and Microsoft wrote “Many languages, a message” and then “Thanks” in 15 languages different, printed in this way hidden on the entire bottom of the body of Xbox One X.

It is therefore another case of easter egg printed directly on the hardware, a long-standing tradition in the computer and console sector, starting from the old Amiga 1000 with the signatures of the developers printed inside. In more recent times, we remember the secret message in all Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers or the little Master Chief riding a scorpion inside Xbox One X.

Recall that the limited special edition of Xbox One X in Cyberpunk 2077 version is available with a discount on promotion these days.

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