“There are no conditions to play”


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Venezia will not take to the pitch tomorrow night with Pordenone: skip the first game of the Serie B championship after the restart

You don’t play: skip the first game in Italy after the restart. IS’ Pordenone-Venezia the match that cannot be played after the positivity of a guest player. It is precisely Venice that explains it in a note: “Venezia FC communicates that, given the current situation, the minimum conditions for being able to play the match scheduled for tomorrow night at 20.30 in Trieste against the Pordenone. The communication of the League B relating to the “soft” protocol was received only in the late morning today “.

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A problem, told in detail by the company: “As required by the new circular of the Ministry of Health, the club promptly contacted the ASL in order to obtain the necessary authorizations to play tomorrow’s game. The company informed the company of the need to subject the team group to the tampons provided for by the new team on the day of the race protocol allowing the team group to move to Trieste only tomorrow after the tampons are made. ”

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