Theft in a villa in Marzabotto: thieves found in Brasimone


The carabinieri found them on the shores of Lake Brasimone, in Camugnano. A bitter night for a double pair of thieves, who in the late evening of yesterday had raided a house in Marzabotto, empty at the time of the raid, and then fled on two motorcycles.

The description of the means, however, has not escaped any resident, who has alerted the police. Hence the discovery of the gang, housed on board a couple of campers on the banks of the artificial lake. Inside the vehicles, searched by the military, the stolen property was found, around 8300 euros and also a Rolex watch.

The two couples, two men and two women, the latter sisters, all between 20 and 30 years of age, were finally reported in various capacities for theft and receiving stolen goods.

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