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There is a wonderful place on the Roof of the World, in the southern part of the Himalaya chain, called the Kingdom of Bhutan. A beautiful queen with long black hair lives there, Her Majesty Jetsun Pema Wangchuck, consort of the king. She is the youngest reigning queen in the world and today celebrates her thirty years of life.

“I swear … I will not marry other women,” said the King, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, when he married Jetsun in Punakha Dzong on 13 October 2011. Although polygamy is legal in Bhutan and her father has many wives, the Sovereign promised her loyalty until the end of his days. After all, he confided to a journalist: “I waited a long time to get married, no matter when you get married, but that I do it with the right person and I am sure I met her. He is a wonderful being ยป.

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More than 50,000 Bhutanese citizens greeted the newlyweds on the wedding day officiated in the seventeenth-century Palace of Great Happiness. It is said that they had met many years earlier on a picnic. She, 7 years old, he 17, Jetsun approached him and hugged him. Today they have two sons, Jigme Namgyel, Crown Prince and his brother, born on March 19, who will soon be named.

Queen at the age of 21, Jetsun is the daughter of a pilot, her paternal great-grandfather was the lord of the eastern province of Tashigang and the maternal grandfather of the wife of the second king of Bhutan. Graduated in International Relations at Regent’s University of London, attorney specializing in environmental law, she speaks English, Hindi and Dzongkha, the local language. She is passionate about art and devoted to painting. He spends most of his time on charity. He chairs the Bhutan Red Cross Society.

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In Bhutan every place and creature of creation is considered sacred and Vajrayana Buddhism is practiced which allows “true knowledge” and “attainment of Enlightenment” already in this life. The happiness of the subjects is at the first place in respect of the tradition that considers gross internal Happiness, rather than GDP, the guiding principle for the development of the kingdom. Human development, governance, equity, culture and the environment are what their Majesties consider essential to reign.

The reasons for our readers

Serious, free, competent and authoritative information like that of La Stampa it deserves a subscription.


The reasons for our readers

Because La Stampa is the newspaper I learned to read on. My mom’s family was from Turin. A copy was on the table, every day. For me, La Stampa is home.


The reasons for our readers

I read La Stampa because informs without distorting the facts, because in his independence knows how to take an independent position even at the cost of going against the current.


The reasons for our readers

For 50 years I have been a reader of La Stampa. It is the newspaper that I appreciate because it is balanced in the comments, it has interesting editorials, competent journalists […]

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The reasons for our readers

Because I need and want to contribute to high level information, because La Stampa offers important pages for the province of Cuneo, my homeland. And then because it’s the newspaper I grew up with.

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