the wood carved map of Los Santos is really beautiful –


During the quarantine period, a fan of GTA 5 he delighted incarve there Los Santos map on wood, making a truly remarkable job, so much so that we wouldn’t see it badly as the official object of the game.

So much masterpiece was created by the user Reddit Originartwork, who showed it in the game’s subreddit. The map shows all the most relevant places in Los Santos, complete with icons and names. Originartwork has also respected the topography original, deepening marine areas.

Note that the same author is also carving the map of Red Dead Redemption 2 on wood, with some more difficulties, however, given its size. Just specify that you are not talking about an amateur, since he also has a shop where he sells his works.

If you want the map of Los Santos carved in wood, you can just spend 130 dollars and it will be yours. In the same shop you can buy the maps of different US cities, as well as those of Fortnite, Westeros, Hyrule and many others, always carved in wood. Take a look at it.

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