The virus and Health in Bergamasca The expert answers your questions –


An expert who responded to your questions also came to know the situation of the spread of the virus and health in the Bergamo area. “Eco replies”, a desk available to our readers, continues with a very topical topic.

Has Covid-19 really gone less virulent? Why has the diffusion also been different within our province? How to behave on vacation? What will happen after the summer? What can we do for waiting lists that have lengthened? These are just some of the questions that came from readers.

Here is the video of the broadcast aired simultaneously on Bergamo TV on our website and live on Facebook. The expert in the study was Paola Pedrini, regional secretary of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners of Lombardy, the union of family doctors.

To watch the broadcast click here.

“Eco responds” remains available to our readers. A space will be dedicated on the site also to questions that have not been answered during the transmission.

We will continue to collect your questions through this link

In the next episodes we will also talk, for example, of how and where to find economic resources for our companies with bonuses, aid and more or less non-refundable contributions, we will return to talk about the evolution of the disease and the rules to defend ourselves, work and of how to manage it from home or in the company, of mobility both private and by public transport.

In short, “The Eco replies” will be a direct link with a pool of experts in various sectors to whom it will be possible to ask for further information and details which will then increase the information available to everyone.

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