The violent clashes in the center of Stuttgart


On the night between Saturday and Sunday in central Stuttgart, Germany, there were violent clashes between the police and hundreds of people, especially young people. The protests began after a seventeen-year-old was arrested by the police for a drug check. Part of the young people who were in the largest square in the city, Schlossplatz, surrounded the agents by throwing stones and bottles, and smashed the windows of some shops and the windows of some police cars with poles and sticks.

In all 24 people were arrested (half of whom are German) and 19 policemen were injured. At least 30 stores were allegedly vandalized and nine looted. According to local authorities, the “seriously damaged” steering wheels would be 12. At first, the police attempted to repel the attack using pepper spray, but the situation would have rapidly deteriorated when several hundred people (according to the German newspaper) DW about 500, including many teenagers) would have started throwing not only stones and bottles, but also material collected from a construction site against the agents. The situation only came under control shortly before dawn when around 300 officers were deployed, including members of the federal police.

Stuttgart police chief Franz Lutz said that in “46 years of police service” he had never seen anything like this. The governor of the state of Baden-Württemberg, of which Stuttgart is the capital, Winfried Kretschmann, condemned the violence by calling it “criminal actions that must be prosecuted and forcefully condemned” as well as the mayor of Stuttgart Fritz Kuhn who defined the violence ” unacceptable. ”

According to the police, the clashes did not have political reasons, and the city mayor said the violence may have been fueled by alcohol abuse or a desire for videos to be filmed on social media. Second DW, on Sunday afternoon most of the destroyed windows had been removed and many temporarily replaced with wooden boards with the words “Create, not distroy” (“Create, don’t destroy”).

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