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NEW YORK – «All fake, you are fake!». This is Donald Trump’s reaction this morning to the arrival of a CNN poll that gives him 14 points behind his challenger, former vice president Joe Biden. Trump has always said and repeated that he does not believe in the polls, and in support of his distrust he cites those who in 2016 gave Hillary Clinton the advantage, when, in the test of the vote, the victory went to him. However, in this year’s polls there is an element that had never been in 2016, that is, Biden has consistently been at least six points ahead for months, and its approval rate by voters has risen well above 50%, which had never happened to Hillary.

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Usa, Biden exceeds Trump by 14 points: record gap during protests for Floyd

So the latest consultation, conducted by CNN, says that Joe Biden leads on Trump with 55% of preferences against 41 for the president. It also reveals other factors that may alarm those responsible for the campaign for the reelection of the president, namely that 60 percent of Americans disapprove of the way they dealt with demonstrations against police violence, as well as the covid epidemic crisis. 19.

The problem seems to be above all Trump’s lack of “empathy”, which has failed to communicate a sense of compassion for the victims of the virus or a desire for racial justice in the field of demonstrations. Apparently therefore, women would be abandoning him and so the large portion of independent who had supported him four years ago.

Other recent polls have put the president at a disadvantage, but not with the detachment detected by CNN. For example, one conducted by the NBC together with the Wall Street Journal, previous to only a few days, gives it spaced seven points.

Obviously there are still four and a half months to go until the vote on 3 November. And history has taught us that polls can change drastically. In 1980, for example, Democratic President Jimmy Carter had an overwhelming advantage over Ronald Reagan, but his inability to resolve the hostage crisis in the American embassy in Tehran sank his presidency. Hillary Clinton’s candidacy in 2016 was irrevocably damaged when the FBI declared under the election that it had reopened the investigation into its e-mails. The Bureau then acknowledged that there was nothing new or incriminating, but that umpteenth shadow was enough to damage it so much that it allowed Trump to snatch some States in the balance for a few thousand votes.

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