“The unfortunate fans in the square”. Napoli’s victory is a coincidence


The Olympic desert. The streets of Naples crowded. Last night, after the triple whistle, the Neapolitan fans took to the streets to celebrate the victory over Juventus in the final of Italian Cup. Choirs, flags, fireworks: thousands of fans invaded the streets of the city without respecting the rules for containing contagions from Covid. They cheered one close to the other, many without masks (still mandatory throughout Campania until 22 June) and social distancing (see the gallery). And so the controversy broke out. “Faced with the celebrations, I wonder where the Lord was De Luca, the one who wanted to use the bazooka. Since they broke the boxes to me for the distance and the mask, there were many thousands of people here. I’m happy for them, and it’s a nice sign for Naples, but they can’t condemn Salvini. I would leave more freedom“, said the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, a Morning Five.

And to wonder where Vincenzo De Luca was, the governor with the “flamethrower” who for months threw himself against the Neapolitans inviting them to be rigorous, are many. There are those who fear that the gatherings that came about in Naples last night could lead to new infections. And the fear is so great since the virus is still in circulation. “wretches! – Thundered Ranieri Guerra, deputy director of the World Health Organization (WHO), CEO Agora on Rai 3 – We can’t afford it right now. Fortunately, it happened in Naples, where governor and mayor have implemented strict measures and the incidence of the virus is lower than elsewhere. Does bad see these pictures. I remember how much the Atalanta game counted at the beginning of the epidemic. I would not like it to be repeated just now, that the Scientific and Technical Committee has tried to accept the proposals of the FIGC in order not to completely limit the game of football, as science and medical conscience would suggest“. Then he added:”The signs are that the virus is still in right now circulation. We cannot say that we have escaped a possible second wave, because the virus continues to circulate“.
Last night he won the contagion of the happiness“, downplayed the mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, to Coffee break on La7. In short, celebrations with gatherings and absence of distance would not seem to be a problem. “The strong emotions are registered in Naples. Always and only force Naples! We are also strong in the days of the virus. Beating Sarri’s Juve is a great satisfaction“, the Neapolitan mayor wrote on Twitter. And the party becomes an accident.

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