The two Chinese tourists donate $ 40,000 to Spallanzani for coronavirus research


The two Chinese tourists healed from coronavirus and the first case of contagion in Italy they donated $ 40,000 at the Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital in Rome to contribute to the research on Covid-19. The couple manifested the symptoms of the disease at the end of last January, while visiting the capital. Taken from a hotel, she was admitted to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, where she remained for forty-nine days, several weeks in intensive care. Today the two spouses, both in their sixties, have finally returned to China, after an absence that has lasted for five months and have been able to embrace their loved ones. But from the East they have not forgotten the doctors and researchers who saved them and wanted to make a donation, as a sign of gratitude for the care and affection received. During her resignation, the woman cried with joy and Spallanzani’s staff said: “I love you, we love this hospital and we love Italy”.

The two Chinese tourists recovered and discharged

The two Chinese tourists were discharged from the Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital following the complete recovery of both, then transferred to San Filippo Neri, from which they left at the end of the long rehabilitation phase. A necessary path for patients who are extubated, once they leave intensive care, which allows them to regain full mastery of motor functions, after a period of immobility. Doctors dissolved his prognosis in late February, after twenty-nine days of hospitalization, which held Italy in suspense. Being the very first cases in fact, citizens constantly followed their state of health, to get news on the evolution of the disease.

At Spallanzani today 111 hospitalizations, 36 positive and 6 in intensive care

The bulletin of the Lazzaro Spallanzani hospital today, Thursday 18 June, announces that 111 patients are present inside the structure, among these, 47 are confirmed cases of Covid, 36 positive to the swab. Six, more serious, in the intensive care unit, are hospitalized with respiratory support, thanks to the machines. Among the people present in the center, 64, suspected of having entered the contract, have been subjected to investigations and await the results of the tests, for the search for Covid. Inmi also announced that 478 asymptomatic or mild symptoms patients were discharged this morning, who returned to their home, where they will remain in home isolation and in any case until complete recovery. Others were transferred to local structures for observation.

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