the tears of Gemma Galgani


Men and women is over but their protagonists continue to make people talk about them: nostalgia for Gemma Galgani who on Instagram posts a video of her times. And the emotion rises …

Gemma Galgani it is not alone Men and women. Before entering the program by Maria De Filippi the Turin lady had a life … theatrical.

She worked in several theaters in Turin and has been director of the Alfieri theater in Turin. IS the continuous quarrels with his arch enemy of study, the opinionist Tina Cipollari, are also very theatrical, which are a real show on the show. Gemma who suffers and who often cries in the end, Tina who goes wild and has a lot of fun.

And speaking of theater and entertainment, there has even been a lot of talk about one alleged relationship between Gemma and Walter Chiari. The lady has never confirmed but neither denied in clear letters: she only told of to have known him well for work and to have been the only person able to get him on time on an appointment. Indeed 40. Shows.

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Gemma Galgani, a star

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Today Gemma is a true star of both Maria De Filippi’s program and the web: on Instagram followed by ben 499,000 followers. She misses very little to reach the round figure. Today, on her Instagram profile, Galgani has published a video that he portrays her in theater with some celebrities from the world of entertainment; a black and white video that has so much taste of nostalgia.

To comment on this video the following message: “A key to a lock that will never be rusty: the key to open theaters! A life lived in the theater that has nourished my soul to me and all fans! “.


Then television has arrived, evident new great love of Gemma, who is looking for wheat on TV. He will finally have found it in Sirius, or the young “sailor” Nicola Vivarelli?

Surely the two are dating even now that the program has gone on vacation, We will see if they will be rose …

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