The teacher and the trade unionist


When she learned that kindergarten teacher Francesca Sivieri had the good idea of ​​bringing her pupils together in a park in Prato to read them fairy tales, a syndicalist Florentine Cisl remained dry. With that behavior out of the norm, was his comment, the teacher damaged the good name of the colleagues who stayed at home, making them pass through lavative. indeed widespread opinion that anyone seeking to perform with passion is inventiveness your work is an asocial subject, whose desire to do well, and to do more than it should, has the only effect of putting the other members of the public in a bad light guild. The talent and spirit of initiative of individuals go discouraged for continue to protect those without it under the cloak of a false idea of ​​equality, which translates (explained Galli della Loggia on Corriere di Gioved) into the pedantic statement of rules abstract.

A similar world view has produced disasters everywhere, and in particular fury in Italy. But the ending of this story belies it scruple of the unionist, reversing his assumption. Many other teachers, far from feeling offended or threatened by the colleague’s gesture, have decided to imitate, crowding the meadows of Meadow (at a safe distance). For the immense joy children, who were fed up with staying away from their classmates. And for the equally large one of their parents, who could not take it anymore.

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