the summer games festival has started with dozens of demos to try –


Steam launched the summer edition of Games festival, with dozens of demo all to play, live broadcasts and chats with the developers to talk about their work and their works. It is a beautiful initiative in which you are all invited to participate, also because it gives you the chance to try some of the most promising games coming up.

For example, you can download the demo of Desperados III, a title released today that is already making a lot of talk about itself for its quality (not for nothing it was developed by the same authors of Shadow Tactics). Or you can try the PC version of Heavy Rain, the famous Quantic Dream title for years exclusive PlayStation. Or, again, the demo of Windjammers 2, Dotemu’s arcade followed by a much loved arcade classic. For those who love them strategic the Iron Harvest demo is available in real time, a very promising King Art title. But it does not end there, because there are demos for Rock of Ages 3, Heaven, Stronghold Warlords, Spiritfarer, Ghostrunner and many other titles.

To find something from to play you just have to visit the official page of the Steam Games Festival – Summer Edition.

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