The Strait reopens, all fleeing Sicily


With the reopening of the displacements between regions, the first queues are already beginning to be seen. In Messina, as early as 4 o’clock this morning, long lines have formed for boarding ferries. “An objectively unpredictable event” have made known by Caronte & Tourist, the company that manages transport by ferries. The situation on the opposite side of the strait is different, in Villa San Giovanni, where regular traffic has been seen.

Highways The first reports of an increase in traffic and files in some areas also arrived on the motorway. The most significant slowdowns, at the moment, have been reported in Genoa. Mileage queues in Ventimiglia for Italian citizens traveling to France, due to meticulous checks on self-certification at the Ponte San Ludovico crossing. Discomforts for the hundreds of cross-border commuters going to work especially in the Principality of Monaco Already yesterday there were reports of obstructions on the Aurelia, at the height of the last tunnel, before the border. The Italians contest the delays, of at least an hour, for those who have to go to France to work while – they say – the French can enter Italy, especially to buy spirits and cigarettes. France will reopen its borders with Italy on June 15.

On the A4 first lines of heavy vehicles in A4 since six this morning. The queues, Autovie Venete announced, affected the stretch between Redipuglia and San Stino di Livenza in the direction of Venice. In that stretch, the Concessionaire remembers, the construction sites for the construction of the third lane are still active, most of which are in the final phase. The detours activated in these days to allow completion of the interventions – including the draining asphalt including – explains Autovie, have made traffic less smooth. Currently in A23 towards Palmanova node there are slowdowns that resolve and reform, in A4 there are occasional queues between Palmanova and San Stino di Livenza. The situation is constantly changing but the traffic intensity should not drop before tonight.

Milan The procedures for accessing passenger trains to resume interregional travel are proceeding in an orderly manner in Milan central station. There are no queues at the entrances. Those who leave are subjected to temperature control with a thermoscanner. “I come home after three months. I was looking forward to it “, says a girl waiting for the train to Reggio Calabria at 9.10. The procedures are more streamlined also because there is no longer an obligation to self-certify to motivate the trip, while the speakers continue to recommend compliance with the distance and other safety rules.

There were no problems with crowding on the bus and metro. There was only a few closings of the turnstiles in the early morning, to allow travelers to exit the Sesto, Bisceglie and Porta Genova metro stations. The queues for heavy traffic on the ring roads have returned, in particular on the connection between the Autostrada del Sole and the western ring road, on the western and northern ones.

Rome Slowdowns in the city and on the Grande Raccordo Anulare, but at the moment traffic flows on the motorway section near the capital and at the toll booths for entering the city on the first day of reopening of the interregional movements. The traffic police note some slowdown on the ring road where a rear-end collision also occurred this morning, while at the motorway toll booths in the capital the situation is currently sliding. Slowing down also in the city on via Cristoforo Colombo, on via Cassia, Via Trionfale, Casilina and Prenestina.

Intensified attention at Fiumicino airport, which is already high since the beginning of the covid emergency and where 80 latest generation thermoscanners (also in portable version) are operating (for the portable version) for body temperature checks of passengers and airport staff. This in anticipation of the progressive increase in the flow of travelers to and from the various regions, as well as to and from abroad (from 15 June open borders for those arriving outside the EU borders). A day (first flight took off for S.Domingo at 6.10) which sees in all over a hundred flights between departures and arrivals, of which sixty on national routes.

Of these in turn about twenty, altogether, to and from northern Italy. The flow of passengers at Terminal 3 is clearer than in the previous period, with Adr’s staff and police busy keeping their distance. These are “significant” days for air traffic at the Roman airport which, after the resumption of Air France-Klm flights and the restoration of the Alitalia flight to New York, will always see with Alitalia, between today (the Rome-Barcelona) and tomorrow (the Rome-Madrid), also the restoration of flights with Spain, and the resumption of flights in territorial continuity Rome-Alghero and Rome-Olbia (4 flights – 2 outings and 2 returns for each of the two routes). Assistance services and to isolate any positive suspects are therefore also enhanced at the Roman airport.

Bologna An increase in the flow of tourists to the Bologna station compared to the past days, but there were no particularly crowded situations. The situation is orderly, with passengers wearing the mask.

Florence The Santa Maria Novella station in Florence comes back to life for the green light to travel between regions: the flow of passengers has increased since this early morning, but no problem at the access gates to the tracks where there are temperature controls with the thermoscanner. Some arriving and departing trains recorded up to 70 minutes of delay due to a power supply problem on the line in the Rifredi area solved by the technicians. In the station many young people returning from the family: “Finally I can go to my mother in Brescia, I haven’t seen her since February,” says a girl with a big backpack. Waiting for the arriving trains there is a gentleman holding a bouquet of red roses: “I wait for my wife, we got married in old age, she lives in Trento and I in Florence, we haven’t seen each other since March 3. But now let’s go to the Maremma for a week ”.

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