the story of the little girl born thanks to the rescuers of the Red Cross Video


Mum had gone into labor during transport to the hospital and so Roberta and Velislav, rescuers of the Red Cross of Milan, stopped the ambulance and gave birth to the baby on board the rescue vehicle. It is the story of little Chiara, a Milanese baby girl who came into the world on Monday 8 June thanks to the intervention of the two members of the CRI.

“We had received a call for an urgent transport to the hospital – explain Roberta and Velislav on the phone – The father was taking his wife to the emergency room because labor had started, but since the contractions were too strong, on indications from Areu 118, yes they stopped asking for transport on a Red Cross vehicle. After a few meters on the vehicle, however, the lady broke the water and so we had to stop to give birth directly on board. It was our first time, a great emotion “.

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