The story of the gowns supplied to Lombardy by Fontana’s brother-in-law company


In the episode of the Rai 3 broadcast Report On Monday, a service aired accusing a clothing company owned by the brother-in-law of the President of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana for having obtained a contract for about half a million euros for a supply of gowns without a contract. According to the documents cited by Report, the supply was later turned into a donation, but only after the broadcast had begun to investigate the matter. The Milan prosecutor has opened an investigation into the matter, without suspects or hypotheses of crime.

The story initially came out on Everyday occurrence on Sunday, and involves Andrea Dini, an entrepreneur from Varese who owns Dama S.p.A., a company that produces the Paul & Shark clothing brand. For 10 percent, the company is owned by his sister Roberta Dini, Fontana’s wife. On April 16, in the midst of the coronavirus emergency, the Lombardia Aria purchasing center assigned Dama S.p.A. the supply of gowns and other medical protection materials, for a total of 82 thousand pieces and a value of 513 thousand euros.

Second Report, the documentation on the supply does not appear in the official purchase database on Aria’s website, but only a hint without details can be found on an internal page. The transmission, however, showed the purchase letter sent by Aria to Dama S.p.A., in which it is said that the transfer with the 513 thousand euros would have been paid by the purchasing center within two months from April 16.

Report he talked to Dini – from the home intercom – and asked him about the affair. Initially the entrepreneur spoke of a donation, but then admitted that the gowns were initially intended for a supply, decided by other people of Dama S.p.A. when he wasn’t in the company. When he heard about the matter, he said, he “immediately rectified everything because it was supposed to be a donation.” “We will never get a euro from Aria,” said Dini.

Report says he has verified that there are credit notes that cancel the invoices for the lab coats, issued between 22 and 28 May, “in the same period in which the news began to circulate in the Region and Report start taking care of it ». Report he also showed an email sent by Dini to Aria’s general manager on May 20 in which he wrote that he had decided to “transform the supply contract into a donation”. Then there is an inconsistency: the credit notes for canceling the invoice amount to 359 thousand euros, therefore about 150 thousand euros are missing.

Fontana defended himself from the accusations on Facebook, explaining that Dama S.p.A. is one of the many Lombard companies that has reconverted production to distribute and donate individual production devices during the emergency. The 513 thousand euro bill to the company for the supply of gowns was an error due to a “bureaucratic automatism”, says Fontana, which was subsequently canceled.

According to Everyday occurrence, Dama S.p.A. it appears regularly among Aria’s supplier companies, but unlike the others it has not signed an “integrity pact” which, among other things, guarantees the absence of conflicts of interest. A lawyer then explained to the newspaper that that of the lab coats could hardly have been initially intended as a donation, because for a figure of that size a decision of the board of directors with relative notice to the board of statutory auditors, and also a notarial act would have been necessary .

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