The story of Imen Jane, who is the influencer and the accusations about the degree


His true name is Iman Boulahrajane, but for everyone – or at least for his 308 thousand followers on Instagram – she is alone Imen Jane. It is defined, or rather defined, economist. After being accused and seeking evidence of the Dagospia site, she admitted that she never graduated.

Who is Imen Jane

With order: Imen Jane is a girl of Moroccan origin born in Varese 25 years ago. On Instagram his bio said it is a «economist who can’t save»,« Ended up on Forbes under 30 by chance », with a goal:«Telling the political economy in 15 seconds». In short, a popularizer who chose the Stories tool to reach her peers and younger generations. He lives in Milan. In addition to telling the economy on his Instagram profile, Together with the startupper Alessandro Tommasi, Imen Jane has also founded Will Ita, one “space for the curious of the world»,« To understand what surrounds us (and make a great impression at dinner) ». So says the description of the page on social. Also here, mostly economic disclosure. Followers? We come to 378mila.

No graduation for the Instagram economist

Imen Jane has built a very respectable profile. She has a lot of following and is good at communication. He knows how to reach his audience, the younger one, with subjects that are not obvious. The problem is the degree. As in this interview with Donna Moderna, Imen Jane said that she had graduated in Economics and business administration in 2017 from Bocconi University. And still the same data appears in the certificate of incorporation – the personal, legal and economic information deposited in the chambers of commerce, industry or crafts – for the creation of Will Italia, the company founded with Alessandro Tommasi. On June 15, Dagospia writes that in reality the influencer has never completed his studies. And it comes from his half-answer to a question during an event by Goldman Sachs: among the spectators, someone asks Iman Jane in what faculty she graduated after the influencer used a term that is not exactly technical. No reply. Dagospia then asked for clarification directly from Bicocca University. And then it comes the (half) admission of the same girl. Who always in his Stories on Instagram tells his followers: «The last few months have been very heavy. All of this implies time and resources that they led me to leave my studies. that a few weeks ago I decided to resume because I feel I have to close a cycle ». And then he adds: «The life plan of each of us is very personal, there are no straight lines. Everyone chooses what their rhythm is». Meanwhile, on his Instagram profile, the definition of “economist” has disappeared.

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