The state of the art of cannabis and CBD in the world


The legalization of cannabis is one of the important topics debated all over the world. We are witnessing an increasing number of rumors that favor the decriminalization of cannabis with an interesting scenario underway also in the United States of America.

But what is the global legal scenario? What are the obstacles to overcome to start the legalization process of marijuana?

Global legal scenario

It is important to note that there is no uniformity when it comes to the legal use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Countries and states differ in their approach and while some nations only allow cannabis for medicinal purposes, others have no problem with cannabis possession with individuals for recreational purposes.

Having said that, most countries have banned the use of cannabis for personal consumption, especially the nations of the Middle East and Asia, which have very strict rules regarding the possession of cannabis. The legislation of these countries could put a person in prison for several years after being found guilty of possession of cannabis.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have examples in the form of Canada, Uruguay and South Africa where people can use cannabis for recreational purposes and where there is no penalty for using it. Many countries have also attempted to take a middle course by allowing cannabis sales only through licensed outlets. For example, Holland is one of these countries where it is possible to have cannabis in a bar.

US legal scenario

Why do we focus our attention on the States? Generally, the USA are the precursor countries of the West in terms of novelty and legalization.

The scenario in the United States of America presents a mixture. A total of 33 states in the United States have already legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, although the federal government has taken a stricter approach towards marijuana.

At the federal level, cannabis continues to remain banned, although indications are piling up that both Republican and Democratic candidates for the upcoming presidential election are in favor of decriminalizing possession of cannabis.

It is important to know that personal use of marijuana is already legal in 11 states in the United States. In these states, people over 21 can legally consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

Canada legalized the use of marijuana at the federal level in 2018 and, in so doing, became the first G7 country to make the use of marijuana legalized at the federal level.

The growing opposition to the use of cannabis in the general public has also fueled the sentiments of adopting a more positive and open approach towards this plant. More importantly, the percentage of people against using marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes has dropped from 52% to 32% over a 10-year period.

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