The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the NASA Demo-2 mission arrived in port


Of the mission NASA Demo-2 we have written several times over the past few days. The original date should have been May 27, but due to adverse weather conditions, the final date was that of May 30. This is an important event from several points of view considering that it was the first manned test of the capsule Crew Dragon of SpaceX (renamed Endeavor by astronauts), but not only.

This launch also marked the return to space of US astronauts from US soil thus allowing independence from Russian launches with the Soyuz. It was also possible to recover the first stage of the rocket SpaceX Falcon 9 (landed about 9 minutes later in the Atlantic Ocean on the drone-ship OCISLY).


Just the first stage of the rocket arrived in port right now on board Of Course I Still Love You. Up Twitter there are both images and a video where you can still realize the company (not obviously the first time it happens) and note the rocket locking system Octagrabber that you notice at the base of the rocket in white. The same SpaceX posted an image of the Falcon 9 while it is landing and the entire landing video may be made available in the future.

spacex falcon 9

Recall that during the return, as has happened in the past, the video signal in streaming era “Jumped”. This is a known problem that cannot be solved simply. The motivation given by the interference generated by the vibrations and the proximity of the rocket during the return to the antennas for the satellite transmission of OCISLY. However, a copy of the video should be kept on board the drone-ship and may be available in the future.

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