“The signature with Valentino Rossi is near”


Razlan Razali assures that the signing with Valentino Rossi is close: “He is not just any driver, so the negotiation is not easy. We will have a video conference shortly”

Until a few weeks ago the passage of Valentino Rossi in Petronas SRT seemed hindered by the cynicism of Razlan Razali. But in the MotoGP 2021 season, the Tavullia champion will be part of the Petronas SRT team in all respects. And in the event of good results, it cannot be excluded that it will continue in 2022. The 41-year-old, who has resumed training at full capacity between the Ranch and the cross-country tracks in the surrounding area, has no limits. Those who train alongside him ensure that he will be competitive from the first race. For him another weekend between motocross bikes and yacht relaxation with his fiancée, waiting to formalize his decision.

Team principal Razali anticipated that the deal had finally started for several days. “The talks have so far been positive. If both sides agree, then everything will be positive and we are heading towards the final stage – reports the Malaysian website BHonline -. However, it has not yet been finalized. We hope this issue can be resolved before the start of next month. Valentino Rossi is not a normal driver, so the discussion is not easy (involving many parties), there is a lot to discuss together“.

Never has a satellite team of the MotoGP class found themselves facing the transfer of a legendary champion like the Doctor. Nor of a driver who has now reached an off-limits age. “We will have a video conference with Rossi shortly. He wants to know what the team expects of him … With the current situation we need stability in the team – stressed Razlan Razali -. In these different situations, it would be useful for us to hire a driver who can provide stability for the team. ” Words that let us foresee the concrete possibility of the signature after the change of tones in the last few weeks. “It is possible that he will retire to our team, it would be an honor“.

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