the secret of Gemma and Sirius


After Men and Women and that ambiguous ending, what is really going on between Sirius and Gemma Galgani? what are their plans now is the program finished?

The knowledge between Gemma Galgani and Sirius, aka Nicola Vivarelli, undisputed protagonists of the last phase of the Ttrono over by Maria de Filippi and pair of Men and women much discussed because of the age difference between them (the Turin lady is almost 71 years old while the “sailor” 26), travels quickly. But the mystery about them is really thick.

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After first kiss in the mold and with the template that the couple has exchanged in recent days, such as Gemma herself told the magazine of men and women, also talking about a certain transport, despite the semi-platonic kiss, there has also been talk of a romantic couple’s stay in Versilia, where Nicola lives. According to what was told yesterday by Fabio Filiziani,

Agent of Nicola, the two should enjoy moments of love in Forte dei Marmi in early July, where they will stay for ten days. For them, no separate rooms, but accommodation where they can also spend the nights together.

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Sirius denies his agent


But the suitor categorically denied his manager:

In rectification of what my agent stated that precise the news that appeared on Fan Page is incorrect. I have indeed many programs and projects with Gemma many of which are being worked out because I wish they were surprises for her, and as such must remain. I prefer that they are really nice surprises for her

Vivarelli specified.

Sirius later claimed that probably

Fabio misinterpreted my words, but the truth is this. It would be wonderful for me to carve out days with Gemma even in our beautiful Italy “, the young man dreams,” and if the professional commitments from both assumed will allow us, I will not hesitate to organize something special “, he promises.

But for the moment “there are no holidays or hotel rooms booked“.

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