The Sea Watch rescues 100 migrants near Libya


There Sea Watch officially returns to its mission and does so by rescuing 100 people off Libya. Specifically, the rescue operation was carried out this morning 29 miles from the Libyan coast where, on board a boat in difficulty, among the migrants there were also women and minors. As for all other occasions, the German NGO itself made the rescue operations known with a tweet: “During operations– it reads on social- a Libyan patrol boat donated by Italy came along which would have rejected them illegally if we had not intervened“.

So officially the season of Ong returning to the sea after the break imposed by the national health emergency caused by the coronavirus. After the end of the lockdown, this is the first time that migrants have been rescued at sea from a ship belonging to a non-governmental organization. The last operations were carried out in April by Alan Kurdi and Aita Mari. Both arrived in the port of Palermo between 17 and 18 with 146 and 36 migrants on board respectively. The new arrivals then spent the quarantine on the Rubattino ship of the Tirrenia company to avoid possible cases of coronavirus infection. Since then the activity of the two ships has stopped because a few days later they were subjected to an administrative detention by the Coast Guard. The report drawn up by the authorities shows that irregularities would be present on board which would prevent their restart.

The Sea Watch instead, stopped at the port of Messina after its last mission accomplished in February, on June 4th with a tweet it announced that it was ready to return to the sea. After the quarantine and the checks the crew had undergone, the ship announced that it was about to warm up its engines. And here today the NGO is back operational as stated. Now after the recovery of the migrants it will be necessary to understand what their next destination will be. It will most likely be Italy.

The news pages tell us that, in these circumstances, a political problem begins regarding the reception of the protagonists of the journeys of hope. A long arm wrestling where Italy often manifests its weakness by giving in and opening its own ports. But today ‘s will be only the first of many operations rescue at sea by NGOs in the Mediterranean waters. According to the report prepared by the secret services, twenty thousand migrants will travel from Libya for the summer.

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