“The school plan? Surreal. So the future of the country is at risk” – Libero Quotidiano


The restart of Italy linked closely to the school restart. Stefano Bonaccini the alarm sounds to the government: “1.5 billion is not enough for school. It takes more than twice as much. All the money you need must be taken”. In an interview with Republic the governor of Emilia-Romagna certainly does not send them to say. In the viewfinder Lucia Azzolina, Minister of Education, who has done his utmost to close the school before all the other European countries without having yet found how and when to reopen it. “What must be clear is that education and health are the pillars of the country and they must be at the basis of the pact for the reconstruction – continues the piddino -. In Emilia-Romagna, after the 2012 earthquake, no one missed an hour of lessons despite the many unusable schools. It can be done. Education, skills and research must be considered strategic, or the future of the country is at risk. “Bonaccini’s words, harsh against the government. Words by those who really seem to cultivate the ambition to do politics at a national level, a voice that it circulates with increasing insistence (and fueled by surveys that give Bonaccini the highest liking).

But you know, young people must return to school as soon as possible: maximum in September for Bonaccini and Giovanni Toti which, despite political differences, are very united on this front. “The Scientific and Technical Committee has delivered its assessments, as well as the task force. Now the government can define the guidelines, which I am sure Minister Azzolina will want to share with Regions and Municipalities. We are ready to collaborate as soon as possible, because you have to get prepared in September, and I stress in September, because Toti and I have already said, on behalf of the Conference of the Regions, that we should vote in the regional ones, foreseen in 6 Regions, by mid-September. Not at the end of the month, as some political forces ask. Otherwise the schools, between seats and sanitation, would even open in October. And for me it would be surreal“This is a thought widely spread between the majority and the opposition, where there is even rumor that Azzolina will be forced to pack quickly.

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