The Samsung The Sero ‘rotating’ TV also arrives in Italy


At CES 2020 Samsung had presented one of the most particular products of the fair: The Sero, which now also arrives in Italy.
[HWUVIDEO=”2861″]The Sero: Samsung’s vertical TV for social networks like TikTok[/HWUVIDEO]
It is a TV with motorized system that can assume horizontal or vertical orientation (Sero in Korean means “vertical”) just like you can do with a smartphone or tablet.
Many love to see video content, even from social media, ‘launching’ them from the smartphone to the TV. The stories of Instagram and Facebook and apps such as Snapchat and Tik Tok have led to more and more content shot vertically, which on the TV have a really poor performance, shrunken and with large black bands alongside.

When it recognizes vertical content, however, The Sero rotates, thus allowing a full-screen view even of videos shot vertically. The TV does not forget to be one of the flagship models of Samsung and in fact adopts a 4K QLED panel with HDR10 + and sound Dolby Digital Plus.
Samsung has decided to make the launch of The Sero even more special with an exclusive promotion valid until Sunday 28 June. By purchasing the new Samsung Lifestyle TV, consumers will receive the Galaxy A71 smartphone as a gift.

Available only in the 43 “cut. The Sero 4K LS05T 2020 has a list price of 1,499 .

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