The sad story of Zohra, the 8-year-old maid beaten to death for freeing two budgies – La Stampa


Four months ago he left the city of Kot Addu, in the Punjab province, where he lived with his very poor family. She was only eight years old, but Zohra Shah was already thinking about earning something and so she ended up being a housemaid in the home of a wealthy family in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where she had been hired by the couple to take care of their one-year-old baby. The employers had promised her that in return they would provide for her education.

But he died in that house for freeing two parrots from the cage. Some local media speak of an accidental event that occurred while he was feeding them, others as a gesture of sensitivity for those two birds held in a cage and deprived of their freedom. The truth may never be known, but certainly it did not interest his two employers who gave vent to their anger by beating and torturing her to death.

According to the first police investigation report, when her executioners abandoned her in a hospital, the doctors did everything to save her, but the little girl died on the same day: the injuries to her face, hands, under the rib cage and legs. It is not excluded that he also suffered sexual assault, suggested by some thigh injuries. The police sent samples to be analyzed to confirm or not the violence.

The police arrested both accused who admitted that they tortured the child because they had run away from their parrots. The defendants are now in pre-trial detention.

As soon as the news spread, the hashtag #JusticeForZohraShah immediately trended on Twitter and many asked for justice for the girl and spread designs to pay tribute to her.

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