The rush almanac: Alexander the Great dies on June 13 and the Edict of Milan is promulgated


GROSSETO – Saturday June 13, St. Anthony of Padua Franciscan doctor, International Albinism Awareness Day, the sun rises at 5.34 and sets at 20.56. It happened today:

323 BC – Alexander the Great dies.

313 – The Edict of Milan is promulgated in the name of Constantine I and Licinius.

1373 – England and Portugal sign an alliance treaty that has never been broken.

1665 – In the Battle of Lowestoft, fought during the Second Anglo-Dutch War, the Dutch fleet suffered the heaviest defeats in its entire history.

1774 – Rhode Island is the first of the thirteen American colonies to outlaw the import of slaves.

1792 – Pope Pius VI publishes the Encyclical Letter “Ubi Lutetiam”, on the expansion and redefinition of the pardon which expands the powers of the bishops for the acquittal of rebel clerics in France.

1798 – Mission San Luis Rey de France is founded.

1799 – Naples is recaptured by Sanfedist troops in the last battle on the Maddalena bridge despite the last strenuous resistance of the fort of Vigliena.

1863 – The Second Battle of Winchester is fought during the American Civil War, where the Confederate Army led by General Richard Stoddert Ewell defeats Unionists led by General Robert H. Milroy.

1878 – The Berlin Congress begins.

1898 – The Yukon Territory is established, with Dawson City chosen as the capital.

1942 – The United States opens the War Information Office, a center for propaganda production.

1944 – World War II: Germany launches an attack on England with V1 flying bombs.

1946 – Italy: Umberto II of Savoy leaves Italy after the institutional referendum of June 2.

1948 – USA: the New York Yankees withdraw Babe Ruth number 3.

1956 – Real Madrid Club de Fútbol wins the first Champions Cup.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall is the first African American member of the United States Supreme Court.

1970 – The Long and Winding Road becomes the Beatles’ last number 1.

1971 – Vietnam War: The New York Times begins publishing the Pentagon Papers.

1973 – Vietnam War: Henry Kissinger and Lê Đức Thọ sign a peace agreement.

1982 – Fahd becomes King of Saudi Arabia after the death of his brother Khalid.

– In Palermo, in via Scobar, three young carabinieri are killed by the mafia: captain Mario D’aleo, commander of the carabinieri company of Monreale, the accused Giuseppe Bommarito and the carabiniere Pietro Morici;
– The Pioneer 10 becomes the first man-made object to leave the solar system.

1995 – President Jacques Chirac announces the resumption of nuclear tests in Polynesia.

1998 – Enimont process: prominent politicians such as Arnaldo Forlani, Severino Citaristi, Renato Altissimo, Umberto Bossi and Giorgio La Malfa are definitively convicted of illegal financing.

2005 – Michael Jackson is found not guilty of all charges relating to pedophilia.


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