The Rock President of the United States after Trump? Now many really want it


What if The Rock really became President of the United States? A hypothesis that does not concern the umpteenth action film starring the usual Dwayne Johnson, as always over the top, but a reality that a discreet slice of American citizenship would like to see for real.

It all stemmed from the long speech that the former People’s Champion delivered against Donald Trump on their social media channels, and that over the days he convinced several people that – yes – he could be the right man.

Even the betting site ‘OddsChecker’ has discovered that 3.34% of bookmakers are convinced that the next President of the United States will be The Rock, even though the latter has not even run for the White House.

After all, in the past he had admitted that he wanted to think at least (in view of 2024 and not 2020), and also a great rival of the past like Chris Jericho revealed that he saw his colleague as a good solution for the country.

The Rock’s speech against Trump

But what convinced the people of America that The Rock could even be their President? His 9-minute speech, in which he is angry with Trump for the management of the case related to the death of George Floyd and the consequent unrest that broke out throughout the United States.

In the most important phase of his speech, The Rock said: “Our country is currently paralyzed and on its knees begging to be listened to for a change. Where is our compassionate leader? The leader who should unite and inspire our Country in the most painful moment and when we need it most.

The leader who comes forward and takes full responsibility for our country, embracing every color. The leader who raises our country and gives his word that change will happen. Where are you? Because we are all here.

Maybe one day that galvanizing leader will emerge. In any case, the process of change has already begun “But above all it had been its conclusion,” We got this. (We’ll take care of it) “, to make citizens understand how much The Rock actually believes it.

So much to turn into the eyes of many in a truly credible candidate for Capitol Hill.

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