the risk of contagion from Covid-19 in Italy is not concluded


The Istituto Superiore della Sanità has warned that the epidemic from Covid-19 in Italy has not yet ended and calls for caution

Covid-19, complaints to Inail (Getty Images)

L’Higher Institute of Health (ISS) after the weekly monitoring he wanted to clarify that for Italy the epidemic from COVID-19 has not yet been left behind. L’Iss he specified that new cases of contagion have been identified throughout the country, also thanks to an intense screening in which it was possible to identify and monitor close contacts. In Italy, in the last few days, they have indeed been discovered new outbreaks some of which are also quite important. Such situations have highlighted how the COVID-19 you continue to have the ability to communicate effectively. The presence of outbreaks is the demonstration, according toHigher Institute of Health, which in Italy the epidemic from coronavirus has not yet been eradicated and that is why the invitation is to keep caution high.

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The new outbreaks of Covid-19

Coronavirus Hospitalization
Coronavirus, hospitalization is now rare: soaring mild cases (Photo: Getty)

According to data provided by Gimbe foundation there would even be ten outbreaks in COVID-19 currently active Italy. A more than worrying presence divided equally in different regions of the country. Among the most serious are outbreaks of Bologna, with the 64 infected persons attributable to the company Bartolini, and the 49 positives of Mondragone (CE) in which an area from Monday is a red zone. Other outbreaks have occurred in Rome, in a religious institution, a Palmi (RC), Montecchio (RE), Bolzano, Como. In provinces of Prato and Pistoia as many as 19 positives were identified. To Alexandria 13 people were registered among the guests of a rest home and a Porto Empedocle (AG), where people tested positive for coronavirus are 28 migrants from the ship Sea Watch.

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