“The riots in the US are driven by Democrats”


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Domenico Vacca king of haute couture in New York tells us why Democrats are holding the United States of America hostage to attack Trump.

If elegance in the United States is still synonymous with Italy, it is due to stylists like Domenico Vacca whose haute couture dresses dress Ivana Trump and Denzel Washington, Dustin Hoffman, Jodie Foster and many others. But Domenico Vacca he has something that sets him apart from other ambassadors of Italian art in the world: a keen spirit of observation of reality that allows himself ample freedom from the rules of politically correct. He is a friend of Trump, and boasts of it, at the cost of scandalizing the star system. We asked him to make a portrait, from personal experience, of what is happening in these hours in the United States and in New York in particular. His words, for a game of analogies and differences, start from that September 11, 2001.

“I remember
September 11 – he tells us – when my ex partner called me
who was in the skyscraper in front of the Twin Towers: “they are there
bombing, “he said. The impression was that of a
bombing. Then the line fell, I ran down the street on foot
Ground Zero: I crossed the cars with the wounded and arrived at the
barrage I saw the towers collapse. Then the white powder that covered
people and roads. But the next day America was united. there
it was a snap of pride and while in Manhattan for days it was
spread the acrid smell of fuel, everything remained open for
to move on.

instead, as a Guns n ‘Roses song says, it’s “civil war”.

The other
day I went out to check what was happening at one of my stores
on Sixtieth Street. I saw 500 hooded: it was not one
civil rights protest, but looting. Fortunately the
shop resisted the assault, but the next day we too
we had to apply protective structures. Has been
disconcerting to see 200 NYPD cops
assist completely unarmed in the plunder.

Was a compliant line imposed?

the suspicion that someone wants to fuel the chaos in the year of
Presidential Elections. Maybe Democrats are convinced that chaos
you play in their favor in an attempt to prove that way
better to turn the page than the emergency (real or
inflated) of the coronavirus and racial protests both that of
change president. But if this is the narrative, we citizens
we are reduced to hostages.

We would say
to the Italian “a strategy of tension”.

It is
to think so. What is certain is that in the early days of the protests
New York Mayor De Blasio gave the police chief an order
to do “stand down”, that is, not to react towards
violent demonstrators. In a short time the situation has escaped
hand and at that point the police stopped indulging, but for
effect of a recent law that has turned looting into a
minor crime the arrested in practice the day after are already out …

whoever passed this law does not earn a living by raising
the shutters of a shop early in the morning.

there are groups close to the Democrats who are paying the bills
lawyers of those arrested: the goal seems to be to
guarantee general impunity and if all these aspects are added together
the impression is that we are witnessing a destabilization project
in a big way.

colored revolution for indoor use? Which, on second thought, was one
specialty of the old Obama-Clinton administration.

Meanwhile, the May employment figures were very encouraging and the stock exchanges have also returned to surplus, although many are calling for the worst – the best to counter Trump.

he is a stylist who dresses the most important celebrities, if we ask
they would say to his prestigious clients a reading of the present
that “it’s all Trump’s fault” …

I know, besides being customers, they are also my great friends but not
they escape those percentages that 90% are in Hollywood
Democrats against 10% Republicans.

which however the great Clint Eastwood.

I’m noticing that things are changing lately. There is
that republican black activist Candice Owens who is doing
reflect: we cannot slide into war with slogans
civilian, he says. In the first moments, many celebrities justified every form
of protest and actually of looting. Today there are many voices in the
same African American community that emphasize how vandalism
it makes no sense and should not be allowed.

Mike Tyson said common sense words!

it is also a social issue: before the virus there was a boom
employment, but the closure reported unemployment.
Closing everything for fear of the virus has brought us to the mercy of the virus
of poverty. Floyd’s murder was perhaps the spark that
set fire to the accumulated tensions.

Did Racial Prejudices Count?

my many African American friends I ask: there was a president of
color, Barack Obama, what have you done in your eight year presidency? Not
Could he work to limit certain police abuses?

he could also be the Democratic governor of Minnesota, where
Floyd has been killed.

the federal state cannot do everything, it must coordinate with the
States. Stupid to blame Trump, who is absolutely not a
racist: he is an entrepreneur, I have seen black men work with
him and be treated in every respect.

So who is Trump? And compared to him, how does Biden seem to you?

said: he is a businessman. Apply your strategies to politics

famous art of negotiation on which he also wrote a book

“The art of the deal”. He knows how to negotiate, how to economize, how
be efficient, how to handle negotiations. For this he went in
North Korea and came out on top, neutralized two leaders
terrorists without wars. What he often says is silly to him
others, but it makes sense and still produces effects. Biden is instead a
classic “political animal” that has never handled anything:
attentive to politically correct, to maintain the balance between the various
pressure groups. And then to be honest he is elderly or otherwise
manifests a senility, in comparison to Trump who instead is “hard on
to die”. In recent primaries I have seen him beat all 18
Republican candidates, including George Bush’s brother and later
overwhelm Clinton who was the candidate supported by all

that it will be interesting to see how Biden copes with Trump in
direct television comparison.

unless the Democrats get one out of the top hat
surprise named Michelle …

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