The revolt spreads inside Facebook. Hundreds go on strike against Mark Zuckerberg


The revolt spreads inside Facebook. Hundreds strike against Mark Zuckerberg who has not taken a stance against President Donald Trump and his online excesses. The exact numbers are not known. Some sources speak of 600 employees, others of 400. In fact, many have crossed their arms in one of the rare protests that took place among the ranks of the social network. “Today I participate in the virtual strike following the decision not to moderate the contents that we think violate the platform’s standards,” he writes Margo Stern who deals with content on Facebook and in the past has worked on the same issues on Twitter.

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Twitter does not bow to Trump: “We will continue to report incorrect news about the elections”

The straw that spilled over the jar was yet another message from Donald Trump: “When the looting begins, you start shooting” to stop them, he wrote on Twitter and Facebook on Friday. He commented on the unrest that broke out following the death of George Floyd. The company of Jack Dorsey he immediately branded the tweet as an incitement to violence, that of Mark Zuckerberg did not move a finger. And so his employees, while the national guard was deployed throughout the country and the police threw tear gas in front of the White House, they expressed their dissent.


Death Floyd: the protest darkens the White House, the Trump evacuated, Los Angeles victim of looting

Ryan Freitas, manager who works in the NewsFeed division, commented on Twitter “Mark is wrong and I will do everything to make him change his mind”. And again: “We are over 50 with the same idea and we are organizing”. Her colleague Jason Toff he added that “I’m not at all proud of how (Facebook) is doing”. In the past, Microsoft, like Google and Amazon, have had to deal with the discontent of their workforce on the issue of climate change, agreements with the military and employee conditions. Specifically, Google was forced to give up a $ 10 billion contract with the Pentagon in 2018. Mark Zuckerberg replied indirectly on Facebook: “I wondered how to respond to the President’s tweets and posts all day long. Personally, my reaction is viscerally negative to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. The moment requires unity and calm, and we need empathy for the people and communities that are suffering (…). But I am responsible not only for my personal actions, but also as head of an institution committed to free expression “. The same expression had used it in the speech given at Georgetown University in October and the choice of field, being neutral with respect to the excesses of politics, seemed a clear message of what the web giant was preparing to do during the election campaign. The pandemic and street protests have accelerated the times, as well as the different choices made by Twitter, which began from May 27 to report the president’s tweets as he would have done with any other person. Between the two positions there is an opposite view of the future of social media, for Twitter those responsible for content almost like a traditional publisher, Facebook instead insists on seeing itself as a simple link.

After the 600 strike, Facebook employees in private chats seem to have asked for the head of Joel Kaplan, vice president with global policy delegation, who worked with George W. Bush and is considered a conservative too close to Donald Trump. So far, none of the big names in the Zuckerberg circle have opened their mouths. From Sheryl Sandberg to the British Nick Clegg, head of the communications section and former politician also with David Cameron.

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