The revelation of the former grillino: “The Venezuelans contacted me in 2010”


There could be important developments in the context of the alleged black-market financing, dating back to 10 years ago, of Venezuela of Chavez to Gianroberto Casaleggio. Meanwhile, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a fact sheet, with no hypothesis of crime or investigated: the intent would be to ascertain the dynamics of the facts and clarify whether the money actually left. Davide Casaleggio immediately took action on the matter, who in the past few hours filed a lawsuit requesting that it be joined to the investigation file already open to provide further information in this regard. According to the author of the investigation, the founder of the 5 star movement he would have collected 3.5 million euros, with a briefcase containing this sum that he would have personally picked up.

But now the turning point could come, after the statements made by Giovanni Favia: “I tell a fact. Then I have no evidence of the accusation. It is certainly a coincidence that in 2010 there were these contacts, a bit so, surprising, let’s say, of the Venezuelan embassy … to open a contact with our Movement. In this the dates coincide somewhat“. The former regional councilor in Emilia-Romagna for the pentastellati, in the interview given to Italian affairs, wanted to specify that he does not know if the document is original or modified to create a hoax. However, the fact remains that it can provide a noteworthy testimony, remembering having received the email official: “I simply replied that the top management had to deal with this and gave Casaleggio’s references, even though now in detail I don’t remember the details“.

There is the hypothesis of the back up

Now the detractors will be able to say that these are words spoken for resentment or resentment towards the M5S, but the man has clarified that he is neither an accuser nor a fan for the possible passage of the money: “I’m just telling the fact. It is right that I also tell it because there is an open investigation file. For what it may be useful, I tell that in 2010 I was contacted by Venezuelan diplomats who wanted to take a contact with our Movement“. Did you confide in someone for the arrival of this email who was looking for contact with the Movement? Question to which he replied negatively, stating that at the time it was news that was taken”with hilarity“also by his staff in the Region.

At the moment he does not have the email in hand, but has announced that – if it should be necessary – he could try to recover it from the backup of his computer. As regards the timing, Favia only remembers being at the beginning of her mandate in Emilia-Romagna, but has no certainty as to who has it signed: “It could be Di Martino himself or signed by the other officials, I can’t remember him after 10 years. It’s impossible“.

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