The report cards of Verona – Di Carmine, 48 minutes of fire. Lazovic flies, Amrabat drags


Verona beat Cagliari 2-1. Borini and Cigarini expelled.
(14 ’and 26’ Di Carmine; 43 ’Simeone)

Silvestri 6 – Careful when called into question, he can do little about Simeone. Not an extraordinary night.

Rrahmani 5 – He tries a complicated offside on Simeone’s goal, who punishes him by signing the net of hope for his. In the final he risks again. Rusty.

Kumbulla 6 – Back to the center of defense, some difficulty in commanding the line on the net cholito. For the rest it has what it takes and you know.

Empereur 5 – It is one of Juric’s surprises when reading the official formations. Also perfectible on the occasion of the Cagliari marking.

Pharaohs 6 – Well when it comes to unhooking, some flaw in the defensive phase. Pellegrini runs away from him and it is an opportunity that could reopen his to reopen the race.

Amrabat 7 – At times overflowing. In the final he keeps the team up. Soul, muscles, lungs and heart of his.

Badu 6.5 – Some valuable initiatives, a lot of attention. It is in midfield that Verona wins the game.

Lazovic 7 – He starts strong, then puts the fifth assist of the season in the farmhouse and only the crossbar denies him the joy of the goal. As long as there is, plow the sash. (From 84 ‘Dimarco s.v.).

Borini 5 – Manganello’s decision is slightly fiscal: he doesn’t seem to want to hurt Rog, but it’s true that the foot remains high. And Verona remains in 10 for over an hour after their expulsion.

Verre 7 – He goes out for the tactical balances of his. But he plays a great first half: from applause the work that leads to the 2-0. (From 45 ‘Veloso 6 – Lots of geometry, a little wood. You don’t need to make the change).

Di Carmine 7.5 – Only 48 minutes, but on fire. Mark the lead and double with a fireball from outside. Even Bentegodi can have a center forward. (From 48 ‘Zaccagni 6.5 – He has the task of giving fewer references and he does it well. A tear leads to the expulsion of Cigarini).

Juric 7 – He screams and directs, Bentegodi is his. He resumes the speech from where he left it, with a victory that confirms how good there is in his Verona. It was not simple, it does not give up an inch. And he responds move by move to Zenga.


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