“The Reggina promoted in Serie B, the party in Reggio Calabria is a gathering”


The images of the big party of the supporters of the Reggina, which took place on Friday evening at the Arena dello Stretto.

Hyenas, the popular Mediaset broadcast, through its website, reported on the many discussions throughout Italy following the event:

Reggina fans filled the streets and squares of Reggio Calabria to celebrate the promotion to Serie B. For many, what was supposed to be a party instead seemed a gathering, when masks and social distancing are still a must

Choirs, smoke bombs but above all gatherings. Not one, but two within a few days. This was how the promotion of Reggina in Serie B was celebrated

For many, however, this feast was a slap in the face of the coronavirus containment measures, and hundreds of comments were online against who authorized them and who took part in them. Despite the recommendations of the previous hours, perhaps the organizers have not noticed that the situation has got out of hand. So what was supposed to be a moment of celebration, has turned into a gathering still prohibited by anti-Covid rules19.

All of this happened while football started again behind closed doors. Just a few hours ago Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte postponed the reopening of the discos until mid-July, precisely to avoid gatherings and ensure social distancing. But the distances in the party for the Reggina seem far from respected, despite the fact that many of the participants had masks.

Already on Monday the first celebrations for the promotion of Reggina created controversy: the fans poured into the streets and squares creating gatherings and the Quaestor of Reggio Calabria announced that the participants will be identified. A few hours later the script was repeated. On Friday evening hundreds of fans colored the arena of Reggio Calabria with amaranth. There were stadium choirs, smoke bombs and fireworks. Photos and videos of this party ended up online and created indignation throughout Italy.

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