The Regeni case agitates the government. Pd and M5S divided on ships to Egypt


On the government table there is a deal to be protected, between Fincantieri and Leonardo, which is worth between 9 and 11 billion euros. This package includes the sale, from Italy to Egypt, of two military frigates (Spartaco Schergat and Emilio Bianchi) that had been built for our Navy, so much so that in February the Defense Minister had to sign a technical opinion of renounces, as part of a broad agreement signed between Prime Minister Conte and Egyptian President Al-Sisi. The news comes exactly four months after the arrest of the Egyptian activist and student in Bologna Patrick Zaki. And among the triggered effects there is also the harsh reaction of the parents of Giulio Regeni, the young researcher found killed in Egypt on February 3, 2016: This government has betrayed us – they told the Republic-. The ships and weapons that we will sell to Al-Sisi will serve to perpetuate human rights violations.

The two versions

The outburst of Regeni’s parents causes important political repercussions in the majority, particularly within the M5S, given that the match operationally managed by the undersecretary for the presidency of the Council Riccardo Fraccaro and the foreign counterpart Manlio Di Stefano. The particularly severe suffering between the grillers of the left wing, which refers to the President of the Chamber Roberto Fico and which has more and more weight in the Movement. While the political leader Vito Crimi goes in the opposite direction: We are not giving away the ships but we are selling them – he explains – Egypt has asked them to various countries and we have the possibility to provide them, in fact an economic type of maneuver. Additional gasoline on the fire between the grills, so much so that the Foreign Minister tries to manage the controversy: it should be made clear – he replies in response to a question from Leu – that the authorization procedure at the conclusion of the negotiations for the Fremm frigates is still in progress. While a qualified government source trusts the Courier service that the game closed, can not go back. Di Maio then adds that Egypt remains one of the key interlocutors in the Mediterranean, while Italian institutions continue to demand the truth from the Egyptian authorities.

The atlantists of the Democratic Party

The tension becomes even higher at the end of the day. And Prime Minister Conte responds to the urgent convocation of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of Regeni: Andr absolutely, as soon as possible, even if they tell me that it is not usual for a prime minister to report in such a venue.

a very delicate passage for the head of government to manage, which in addition to the problems in the majority cannot afford further tensions in view of the general States for the post-Covid restart. But storm also in the Democratic Party. There is the Atlanticist wing, with deputies Alberto Pagani and Carmelo Miceli, who defends the Fremm operation, calling it a political and military collaboration with the main North African country, which can help us guarantee stability in the Mediterranean. While the soul of the left, with Lia Quartapelle highlights the risks of the operation: Egypt is not our ally: we have different interests, with the Egyptians who are part of a reactionary axis and who support the government of Haftar in Libya.

June 10, 2020 (change June 10, 2020 | 11:32 pm)


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