“The ranking does not reflect the value of the grenades”


Roberto D’Aversa presented the match between Turin and Parma that will take place tomorrow and will be valid for the recovery of the 25th matchday of Serie A. Here are the declarations of the crusader technician.

THE BULL – On the next opponent D’Aversa says: “The pitfalls are those of a team that, in my opinion, has a value that does not reflect the ranking position it occupies at the moment. We have seen how much they loaded this game and therefore we must be aware of the fact that it will serve an important race especially for us, because we have yet to achieve our goal: this means that a positive result would allow us to get very close to our goal “. But the coach is aware: “On the other hand, we will find a team that will do everything to win the game. We will have to be ready from every point of view, from the mental aspect, from the physical aspect, of determination but also and above all of quality. We must be ready to face a team that, let’s not forget, made a totally different championship last year, a very important team “.

THE CONDITION – On the physical situation of the team, the coach reassures: “Analyzing the period of training, I have to say that the team is doing quite well both physically and mentally. It is clear that the feedback from the game is missing, but this has been missing for quite a while and we will evaluate it tomorrow after the race. ” Moving on to the individuals: “Gervinho, apart from a few days in which he did a differentiated job to dispose of the match we had between us last Saturday, now he is well and could even start from the beginning. It is a choice that I will evaluate until the end because it is important not to risk any injuries right now. “

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THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CHALLENGE – “Salvation remains the fundamental goal”, confirms D’Aversa. And in this sense, the technician underlines the importance of tomorrow’s challenge: “Making a positive result would mean a lot for the achievement of our goal and therefore our will, our desire, must be to go there and make a result to get closer to our goal “.

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