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From Syria to the United States of America. This is the long journey that eagerly awaits little Harley, the only survivor of the six stray puppies accidentally found by American soldiers stationed on the front.

Troops contacted Paws of War to ask for a hand to take home the puppy they rescued during a field mission. They heard moans in the sand and there they found the six little dogs: only Harley was still alive and she immediately became the group’s mascot.

The soldiers started a fundraiser to give her a new life, away from the war, to continue taking care of it as they did while in Syria. The little dog immediately became an important point of reference for them. A certain smile after hours of patrols and tensions. “It’s often a dog in war zones to help you get through every day and move forward,” says Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War, who is helping them in their cause.

The race against time to give a second life to the Syrian dog adopted by American soldiers

They already know who will open their doors to them, but they already have the return ticket while Harley does not have the necessary documents to be expatriated and pass the American customs. “They absolutely know that they cannot leave Harley behind, so we decided to work together with them and other contacts we have in that area in an attempt to bring her to America as soon as possible,” continues Misseri.

To help them in this difficult but not impossible mission, there is time until June 6: at least $ 6,000 is needed to cover the costs. “We will do everything in our power to bring Harley to America so that he can live his life here. One might think that the soldiers are trying to save Harley, but in reality it is she who has already saved them while they were at war. “

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