the Prosecutor asks Facebook to access fake profiles


The Milan prosecutor wants to go all the way on the death threats directed against Silvia Romano: identified ten fake profiles. We work to get to identities

For social threats a Silvia Romano after his return to Italy there could be serious consequences. The Milan prosecutor has in fact requested Facebook to be able to access the identities of the profiles from which this threat originated, a new step in the investigation that Alberto Nobili, head of the counter-terrorism pool, has launched in recent weeks in order to identify the authors of the sentences posted on social media. It is believed that behind the fake profiles used for threats addressed to 24 year old volunteer there may be far-right militants. To date, investigators have identified a dozen fake profiles used to send to the Milanese kidnapped in Kenya and released after more than 18 months in captivity.

Far right behind the bogus profiles?

And over a short period of time, analyzing the data contained in these profiles, the prosecutor intends to find the identity of the perpetrators of offenses and heavy threats. About forty messages under consideration, considered among the most dangerous among the many addressed to the young volunteer, who also by virtue of her conversion to Islam triggered the haters. Who is hiding behind these profiles? According to the head of the counter-terrorism pool, threats are closely related to the far right, a hypothesis already advanced a few days ago.

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